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Rental FAQs

Q: When can I return my instrument?

A: You can return at any time!  There is no required rental period.

Q: What if my child chooses a different instrument?

A: You may exchange instruments and fill out a new contract for the different instrument.  If you are on rent to own, a credit will be applied for the accumulated trade in.

Q: Should I pay for the Liability Damage Waiver?

A: Many homeowners or renters policies cover instruments.  You may check with them to see what they cover.  If you choose not to purchase the liability damage waiver, you will be responsible for any charges for repairs or damages to the instrument.

Q: Can I take my instrument to another music store or other to be repaired?

A: Instruments on a rent or rent to own contract should be taken to Mountain Music of Wyoming to be repaired.  Charges may apply and warranty may be void if taken elsewhere or if unauthorized repair technicians repair the instrument.

Q: Can I return my instrument to the school?

A: No, instruments should only be returned to authorized Mountain Music locations or to a store representative.  We do pick up instruments in different cities.  Call Mountain Music for a pickup.  Parents run the risk of instruments being lost if the instrument is left at the school.  Any instrument left in the school will remain on contract until it gets returned to a Mountain Music location.

Q: Should I return my instrument for the summer?

A: If you are on a rent to own contract, all payments apply to the purchase of your instrument.  Continuing renting over the summer will allow the payments to continue towards payoff.  Returning the instrument will forfeit any accrued rental credit.

Q: What happens if my payment is late?

A: Contracts are given a 5 day grace period and then a late fee is applied.  Delinquent contract payments will be contacted via text and email.  Delinquency notices will be sent out and customers will be sent to external collections if account remains delinquent.

Q: What happens if the instrument is damaged?

A: If you purchased the Liability Damage Waiver, instruments can be returned to Mountain Music for repair.  There will be no charges for covered damages.  If there is no Liability Damage Waiver, customers will be responsible for repair charges.

Q: Can I return my instrument and trade in for a guitar?

A: Band and orchestra rental credit does not apply to other instrument purchases but can be applied to band or orchestra instruments.

Q: What is the difference between an instrument from Mountain Music and online?

A: Mountain Music purchases high quality rental instruments from trusted instrument makers.  These instruments are often much higher quality than instruments offered online.  For instance, many of our wind instruments are made in the USA with high quality metals that won’t bend as easily as cheap metal from instruments manufactured in other countries.  Many instruments offered online are not repairable because the materials often aren’t strong enough to hold a repair.

Q: Is it okay to rent a used instrument?

A: All of our used instruments are cleaned and refurbished between rentals.  String instruments generally get better with age, so a used instrument is a great choice.  

Q: How are instruments priced?

A: Instruments are priced according to new or used, and if used, by their condition.  Many times, customers can get a discount on a lightly used instrument that has been professionally serviced.